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Repurpose and Recycle

Quick Summary

Get better at promoting existing assets instead of becoming addicted to creating new ones. Repurposing creates many small assets from a larger piece, and recycling creates something new from many existing assets.

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Why it's a good idea

Many marketers focus on a continuous content process in which new content is created according to a predefined cadence, and a checklist of post-publish marketing tasks is executed.

However, with a system like this, the primary point of leverage is to optimize for more content, more often.

A quick review of this type of program’s performance metrics will reveal that not all content performs equally. This, the marketer will say, is the reason for the cadence.

“If we can’t figure out ahead of time which pieces will work and which won’t, we might as well put as many shots on goal as we can.”

Brands that follow this strategy become addicted to creating new content, not great content.

The reality is that most websites benefit from more high-quality content, not more content. It’s certainly easier to market ten great assets than one hundred “ok” ones.

From this roster of high-quality content, we can create plenty of assets to drive audience acquisition. We can slice, dice, and reformat the content to suit many channels and many different marketing situations. A podcast interview can become a series of YouTube videos, a blog post, a tweet thread, a half-dozen Instagram stories, a newsletter, and more. A dozen YouTube interviews can become a compilation of advice along a meta-theme, which then becomes a blog post, an eBook, a podcast, and more.

Once we focus our efforts and better support our existing content, we increase its chances of crossing the chasm: more visits, more promotion, and better quality translates into more potential for shares and better consolidation of metrics for SEO benefit.

Full pattern includes:

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  • Budget requirements and suggestions
  • Recommended tech and tools
  • Real world examples

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Last updated: November 20, 2020

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