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Meta Content

Quick Summary

Meta content can build hype for upcoming releases, underscore quality claims, and provide a narrative to products and brands.

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Why it's a good idea

Meta content can benefit brands with or without audiences. For those with established, active audiences, meta content can attach context and build hype for upcoming releases. For new brands or products, it can shore up product claims and build trust with future customers.

Brands and products of any size can successfully employ meta content. Practical examples include:

  • Movies: behind the scenes, cast interviews, set images
  • Products: Kickstarter promotional videos, “the making of” YouTube features, announcement trailers, interviews
  • Services: Demo reels, “how we made” content, client testimonials, aggregate meta-analyses, award/recognition announcements

Full pattern includes:

  • Full strategy analysis
  • Budget requirements and suggestions
  • Recommended tech and tools
  • Real world examples

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Last updated: December 4, 2020

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