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Give a Lifetime Deal

Quick Summary

Running a large discount or lifetime deal allows you to drive significant amounts of users (and revenue), which can later be upsold for revenue expansion or leveraged for network effects.

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Why it's a good idea

Offering a sizable discount (75% or more off) doesn’t seem like a great idea for all products, but for those that get more valuable based on how many users they have (network effects), or those that have other ways to monetize continually (transaction fees, etc.), these can be outstanding growth campaigns.

The leading “entrepreneur” deals sites have substantial audiences and can push tens of thousands of new users into your product. If you price correctly and account for their take (typically 50-75%), these campaigns can provide sizable cash flow infusions.

The audiences tend to be very similar with all of the major options, which is to say, younger entrepreneurs (many non-US).

Full pattern includes:

  • Full strategy analysis
  • Budget requirements and suggestions
  • Recommended tech and tools
  • Real world examples

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Last updated: October 21, 2020

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