Marketing Patterns

What are marketing patterns?

How much easier would marketing be if you didn’t have to come up with campaign ideas from scratch every time?

Marketing is a series of persistent problems — and there are dozens of effective ways of solving them.

You can think of marketing patterns as templates for growth.

Here’s a quick example:

Pattern #4: Competitor Jacking

One of the best ways to get customers is to steal them from your competitors — either pre-purchase during the comparison phase, or once they’re unhappy and looking for information about cancelling their existing membership.

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This is just a pattern description, the real patterns are much more in-depth, and data-rich, with case studies, tips, and recommended tools.

I’m currently hard at work compiling the initial batch of patterns. I’ve got a few dozen so far, along with almost 100 examples of them in use.

Over time, there will be a large library of marketing patterns for you to browse and choose from. It’s like Tinder for marketing campaign ideas.

Holy smokes! How do I get access?

If you’re a pro member, just sit tight. You’ll be the first to know when they go live.

If you’re not a pro member (yet), you should become one. Once the marketing pattern library is released the price is going to go up substantially because this stuff is stupid valuable.

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