The Iterated Campaign

Last updated: October 2, 2020

On how we can be more honest with ourselves, and build optimization into the process.

There’s a major paradigm shift that takes place in the marketers I’ve seen grow from good to great: they begin to think about marketing in terms of campaigns, not as a big, continuous thing that they do. It may appear to be a subtle distinction, but my experience suggests that it’s anything but. 

In reality, a mature marketing program is a collection of specific programs that have been built, tested, iterated upon, and can be counted on to produce consistent results. Things like: affiliate programs, social media content pipelines, Google Ads campaigns, eBook lead generation programs, etc. 

These things are alike in that they are all technically marketing, but they would be very difficult to evaluate, nevertheless iterate on and optimize, without breaking them into their own distinct elements. 

This approach can be truly transformative for your marketing, because once you begin to do this you unlock the ability to have your marketing get smarter over time. 

You’ll get smarter too, I promise. 

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