Checkout Fever

Last updated: October 2, 2020

Optimizing a checkout page is the final test. This is how I think about checkouts, and how I approach typical optimization projects.

I break conversion optimization into two parts:

  1. Pre-checkout: meant to deliver important information at the proper time in order to encourage a conversion event.
  2. Checkout: where the rubber meets the road, the actual intended action.

You can do all of the work in the world to make sure that your pre-checkout information (homepage, product pages, marketing collateral, etc) is absolutely outstanding, yet still, you’ll often suffer from poorer results than your site is capable of.

Checkout optimization is very different from typical page (i.e. information) optimization. You’re no longer trying to inject new information into the flow, you’re trying to minimize friction and overcome latent trust issues with shopping online. You’re also trying to deliver on and reinforce the promises you made previously in the browsing session.

In many ways, much of this work is aimed towards new customers — but it benefits existing, repeat customers as well.

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