Cashing in on Bias

Last updated: October 2, 2020

Building and borrowing bias are powerful ways to generate sales and keep customers.

I’ve been experimenting with retargeting lists for search ads (RLSAs).

If you’re not familiar, RLSAs are a type of retargeting that enables you to establish an audience and then show them Google Ads. What makes them different is that you can show an ad for a generic keyword to a specific audience.

If you sell prescription sunglasses, you would probably find it difficult to bid on a generic keyword like [sunglasses] with a decent ROAS (return on ad spend), since only a particular sliver of that audience would be a good fit for your product.

However, you’d be much more likely to have success if you had some way to only show ads to people who need prescription sunglasses when they searched for [sunglasses].

That’s what RLSAs do. You provide the list, and Google will show your ads to those people on any query you want.

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