Better Websites

I’m obsessed with figuring out the what and why of how people use websites. My most primary belief is that the best websites are built for users, not the businesses that create them. This section contains my thoughts on build user-friendly and user-centric websites.

The Homepage is Where the Heart Is

Many marketers end up building several websites over their careers, with some running into the dozens of completed projects. I built a few dozen myself before I started thinking critically about what each page stands for.

Size, Color, Location

If you distill it down to the most fundamental level, websites are made up of words and images. Some of those words and images are more important than others. Some are meant to be read before others, and some are meant to be clicked on or replaced with text of your own.

Context is Key

One of the most fundamental of all conversion rate optimization fundamentals is context. I firmly believe that everything you put on your website should be aware of the context in which it is placed.

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