Better Websites

I’m obsessed with figuring out the what and why of how people use websites. My most primary belief is that the best websites are built for users, not the businesses that create them. This section contains my thoughts on build user-friendly and user-centric websites.

How to Stop Being a Dumb Marketer

The full recording of my talk on first principles, marketing, and growing websites.

Mobile First, Mobile Forever

Mobile is eating the world. We’ve all been told the importance of having a mobile-friendly website, but yet, most mockups are still delivered rendered for desktop.

Listen to Your Users

The sum of my conversion optimization (and website) experience says the sites that convert the best are those that most closely match the users expectations.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Sales

The first thing that most users see on any product page is the product images section. I’ll go so far as to say that product images are the second most important element on any product page, ranking just after the add-to-cart button.

Checkout Fever

Optimizing a checkout page is the final test. This is how I think about checkouts, and how I approach typical optimization projects.

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