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Ahrefs is one of my most used tools, but I rarely use the rank tracking capabilities. Most of my usage is centered around competitor research, and I don’t think there is a better tool on the market today.

I think that you should have an Ahrefs subscription, but I do not think that you should use their rank tracker tool for the tactical approach I laid out in the top section of this article.

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One utility it does have, however, is every week I get an email with keywords that my sites were found for that entered the front page. I like this report, and sometimes I do get campaign ideas based on some movement, similar to what I describe using GSC above.


  • Nearly a must-have all around tool.
  • Handy, surprisingly actionable weekly email summary.
  • If you do get it, you have all of their other really good tools.


  • Not a great fit for the tactical campaign approach.
  • Not as configurable as many other options.
  • Expensive if just being used for rank tracking.
  • Only tracks Google.

Which search engines are supported? 


What’s the price? 

Ahrefs starts at $99 per month for 500 keywords.

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