About Growth Library

Growth Library is a (tiny) growth agency founded by veteran entrepreneur and digital marketer Terry Godier.

I’ve been doing digital marketing and building web products since 2002. I co-founded both Intellifluence (an influencer marketing platform) and User Insights (a user testing and research platform). I also spent 7 years in-house doing SEO at ViacomCBS, earning hundreds of millions of organic visits.

Fun fact: I’m a developer, too. In addition to running marketing departments, I’ve also been a director of engineering. This puts me firmly in the full-stack marketer camp.

Here are a few more things that I think you should know:

  • Growth Library is based in snowy Appleton, Wisconsin. We’re about 30 minutes away from where the Packers play. We do things a bit differently here, which folks tell me is a nice change of pace from dealing with high volume agencies on the coasts.
  • We’re an open book. In addition to consulting on growth projects, there’s also a self-serve part of the site for diy growth. My goal is to share everything I know about marketing. I’m most excited about our marketing patterns, which are comprehensive templates for growth campaigns.
  • We believe in the power of a phone call. Some of our favorite projects are just hopping on the phone for an hour or two and helping our clients see things more clearly.

Now, where do you go from here? If you’re working on something interesting and want some help, you can reach out. Alternatively, you could check out a list of recent posts.

Thanks for reading 🙂

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